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R Devine Skin Care customized facials are the most relaxing self-care ritual you can indulge yourself in. Each of these facial rituals are tailored to your unique needs. 

Introductory Custom Holistic Facial Ritual – $90.00

1.15 mins. This facial ritual is the same as our Custom Holistic Facial Ritual below, only it includes one of  R Devine Skin Care sample packs for first-time clients, who have never experienced R Devine Skin Care line before.

Custom Holistic Facial Ritual – $80

1 hour. This facial ritual begins with a full skin analysis to determine your skin type and/or any skin conditions that you may have.  I will then customize a facial treatment for your unique needs.  All of the relaxing facial rituals include: deep cleansing, exfoliation (depending on skin conditions), a massage that includes the shoulders, neck, face and scalp, treatment mask, hand and arm massage, and treatment serums.

Mini Holistic Facial Ritual – $50

45 minutes. This facial ritual begins with a full skin analysis to determine your skin type and/or any skin conditions that you may have. The express facial ritual includes: deep cleansing, exfoliation, a 10 minute massage that includes the shoulders, neck and scalp, treatment mask, and treatment serums.

Holistic “Microdermabrasion” Facial Ritual – $40

30 minutes. This facial ritual begins with a full skin analysis to determine your skin type and/or any skin conditions that you may have. The holistic “microdermabrasion” facial ritual involves our own microdermabrasion-like exfoliation.  This facial is excellent for anyone looking for a deep exfoliation for softer, healthier, brighter-looking skin.

Skin Care Consultation – $15 (redeemable in product)

Want to try some of our R Devine Skin Care products, but not sure where to start?  I invite you for a skin care consultation.  Your consultation will include a skin care analysis, as well as help you to select the right daily self-care rituals for your unique needs.
(Sample kits not redeemable)




R Devine Skin Care is a plant-based skin care line. All of the ingredients that are used in the line, have been meticulously chosen to create the most natural and powerful results for our skin. Rachel only uses the highest quality, raw, unrefined, certified organic ingredients that come straight from mother nature.

Why Natural and Organic?

One hundred years ago, everything was raw and organic. There weren’t many, if any, artificial ingredients in our diets or our beauty products.  
Today, the majority of the beauty industry contains needless synthetic ingredients, and preservatives. Some of these ingredients have been found, in high amounts, to be toxic to the human body.  Filling our bodies with toxic ingredients leaves us more susceptible to disease.  
We would not want to eat toxins, right?  So, why put them onto our skin?  
Just as the food that we choose to consume is important for our health, so are the skin care products that we put onto our skin.
Because of this, Rachel does not use any artificial or synthetic preservatives or ingredients, artificial fragrances, parabens, foaming agents, such as sulfates, GMOs, carcinogens, hormone disruptors or any other harmful, toxic  chemicals.
All of the ingredients used in R Devine Skin Care, are what make this line so magical. R Devine Skin Care ingredients all come straight from Mother Nature herself. There are no hidden ingredients, no secrets – just pure, 100% natural, truly organic earth. Nature is sacred, and so are all of Rachel’s ingredients!


The long-term efficacy of these ingredients exceeds conventional, commercial-branded products.  Synthetic ingredients force your skin to act a certain way, even if that way
is completely unnatural for the human body.  While this may appear effective at first, eventually your skin will start to fight back, resulting in premature aging, or skin sensitivities, such as dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, and acne.
When you treat your skin with natures pure, organic ingredients, your body will recognize them. Our bodies function best when we eat healthy, so it’s important to use those same ingredients to treat our delicate skin.

Our Ingredients  

Every single ingredient used in the R Devine Skin Care line, are listed both on this website, and on the label of each individual product.

For your benefit, Rachel has also created a full area on this website, where you can read the uses and benefits, of each skin care ingredient that she uses. A new ingredient will be added weekly!

From the soothing scents of nature’s precious ingredients, to the comforting feeling of completely natural products, R Devine Skin Care creates rituals that you can look forward to using at the end of each and every day.  Breathing in and breathing out, these organic skin care products will bring you closer to nature and help you feel beautiful in your own skin. That is my ultimate goal with this skin care line

Rachel Devine


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